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We produce more than 700 different scissors in proven quality made from stainless steel.

The scissors are available in different versions:

> with carbide inlay (TC-scissors),
> with supercut edge (SC-scissors),
> with carbide inlay and supercut edge (TC/SC scissors),
> with titanium-nitride coating (TiN scissors),
> for left-handers,
> and spring scissors.

Here a small choice of our products.

For more detailed search, photos and list of items on stock please visit our online-cataloge!

General surgery

Metzenbaum-Nelson-scissors with supercut edge,
SM 3201
  Allgemeine Chirurgie


Episiotomy scissors,
SM 0397

Plastic surgery

Wilkinson-scissors, curved,
SM 0858
  Plastische Chirurgie

Eye surgery / Microscopy

Stevens Tenotomy scissors with supercut edge,
SM 3166

Vascular surgery

scissor from Diethrich-Hegemann,
SM 0404


Shea-Nerv-preperation scissor,
SM 0302

Nasal surgery

Heymann nasal scissors with carbide inlay,
SM 2321


Surgical scissor, curved,
SM 0251 or

Goldmann-Fox-scissors, curved, with TC inlay,
SM 2521


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